25th Site: Aki Tora The Arimitsu Brewery
住所: 高知県安芸市赤野甲38-1
TEL: 0887-33-2117
営業時間: 平日9時〜17時30分受付。
[ Still、 I am not defeated at the west ].

The Akano-cho is a town in the boundary of Aki City and the Geisei Village. In 16 century、 this town was a commercial town that prospered in the suburbs of the Aki castle. Aki castle is a castle of Kunitora Aki who resisted Motochika Chosokabe on the way for the Tosa union to the last minute. There is actually a remaining influences of the large battle of Kunitora Aki in the coast of having gone out of here 'The Arimitsu Brewery' to the south. The sake name 'Aki Tora' is not separately connected to the camp ground of Hanshin Tigers. This name comes from Kunitora. From this Akano to the Muroto district that have such a history、 there is a peculiar character to east Tosa. And there is also a sense of rivalry to west Tosa in the other side.(Bow the center part in Kouchi because it is scariest for it) It is not only this president Arimitsu. There seems to have been something with this president and Susaki.
The water around here where the flow of the underground water pulse crosswires is the soft water that the water quality is quite different from the next Geisei Vilagge though water here is an underflow water of Akano River. Therefore、 Tanrei-Karakuchi of the vogue can be made and they also don’t make it. His motto is to make softness and strength sake which is possible to drink slowly.

'The Arimitsu brwery' was established in Edo period. Current president Arimitsu、 the age of 50、 is fourth generation leader of family business. His family has been having the mountain from generation to generation、 and he studied the forestry management by the forestry department at the university. As a matter of fact、 he has thought making sake is hobby. He is multi elegance versatility、 so it is interesting for me to talk to him. He said、 “Well、 I had been doing paraglide in the mountain when I was young. However、 I was said that stop the dangerous things by my wife when my child was born. Well、 I cannot give my favorite thing up. So I try small resistance by driving the radio controller motor in the coast. “He is a bit bigot. And he said、 “My policy? Well、 my policy is don’t overwork and fight not significant. However、 I want never to be defeated at Susaki.”



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